Benefits of Australian Lowline Beef Cattle

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lowlinesThe Australian Lowline Cattle are bred purely from Aberdeen Angus genetics that originates from Canada and Scotland, then developed in Australia to suit their sustainable and lifestyle requirements. These types of cattle breed are unique in a number of ways as we are going to see today. What’s good with these cattle is their smaller size and their docile disposition.

The lowline cattle are just another noble breed. They are normally quiet-tempered and are easy animals to raise. They are uniquely important because they produce a high-quality meat. Another outstanding thing with these breeds is their requirements of small acre ranch. Their requirements are significantly lower as compared to larger sizes animals. They also have a third of nutritional requirements as compared to other larger breeds.

Advantages of Lowlines

They have an excellent ease of calving and are highly adaptable for a wide range of climatic requirements. They are perfectly suited to a noble niche market for beef required in smaller portions.  Their thick cut steam is excellent due to its tenderness and marbling. Another key benefit of these breeds is their outstanding mothering ability and a short gestation period of only 271 days.

The lowlines breeds are quite attractive, well-proportioned and easy to handle. The lowlines have a lifespan of 12-25 years making them goof foragers. They are also hardy and easy keepers. The females of the lowlines breed have some interesting qualities influenced by their psychological makeup. Their heifers do not cycle until they have achieved a minimum weight of 220kg, something that occurs between the months of 14 and 18.

Such offers awesome management advantages for small acre farmers as heifers continue to exist with their virile brothers even after weaning, without raising any risk of conceiving until they attain the critical weight. These cattle are naturally very docile and easy to handle. Some breeders even handle their calves in sheep, until they attain the age of 12 months.

The lowliness is ideal for teaching responsibility of owning and raising cattle on a smaller scale. They produce a perfect amount of meat for the freezer and have a lower expense as compared to raising full-size beef. They allow owners to easily maintain the agricultural status for tax purposes. The smaller birth weights make lowline bulls such a good choice for first-calf heifers. Their less waste and better meat to the bone ratio as compared to full-sized cattle make them one of the best breeds to rare today.

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