Best Cow Breeds to Keep 

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cattleIt is always a dream come true for a farmer to be in possession of a cow that gives high returns. Having such a cow must be one particularly suited for an area’s ecological conditions. It should also exhibit various superior qualities over others. When you are considering purchasing and keeping a family cow, here are some of the most favorable breeds you can keep.



The Dexter breed provides the owner with three essential uses, which include beef, dairy, and the draft. Dexters are well known for providing up to three gallons of milk per day. Their meat is lean, tender and tasty. These cows are also smart, agile and trainable. They are also serious pullers in that they can pull a plow or logs.



The Sussex breed hails from the region of Sussex in England. This breed of cow is ideally suited for life in hot climates. Sussex has a short and smooth summer coat, with a pigmented skin and adaptable sweat glands. They can survive well in warm and dry environments. The Sussex cattle usually grow a thick winter coat when the weather turns very cool. They can also survive winters in most parts of the world.



guernseyGuernsey are cattle breeds whose origin is attributed in the Channel Island between England and France. They get their name from the Isle of Guernsey. They are known for their high volume of milk production, of up to 6.4 gallons a day. Their milk is high in fat and rich in beta-carotene.



The jerseys are well known, attributed to their ability to be the most efficient of all dairy cows, producing an average of 20 kg of milk per day. Most of their food intake goes into milk production, hence their efficiency. They are prized for their excellent health, abundant milk production, natural temperament and low cost of maintenance. These cows are also highly adaptable to different climatic conditions, although they originate from the island of Jersey.


The Angus breed is also known as Aberdeen Angus. It is among the most common breeds of cattle in the world due to its well-marbled beef and plenty of milk. This breed of cattle reaches maturity at a very young age making it a perfect fit for most homesteads. The Angus breeds adapt to different types of weather conditions. This breed also produces about 10 pounds of milk per day.

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